Crumb Box

September 30, 2012 D-Man No comments exist

The fully functional breadbox PC aka Crump Box that I built as do-it-yourself project.

I. Parts:

1. Red Bread Box from Target. $10

2. Old Shuttle for PC parts. (Motherboard, CPU, CPU Cooler, Memory, Raid controller and mobo back plate)

II. Tools:

1. Dremel

2. Painter tape

III. Build

1. Start by outlining mobo’s back plateĀ  on the back of the bread box that needs to be removed in order for motherboard I/O to be accessible.

2. Cut desired pattern with dremmel and position motherboard to fit.

3. In order to secure motherboard to the Crump box I had to drill holes on the bottom of the case for the standoff screws.

4. After test fitting motherboard, I also made holes for CPU exhaust fan, power supply fan andĀ  power cord.

5. In addition I made a hole on the front bottom to be used as air intake

5. Finally I just added all component in side of the crumb box with few pieces of flare like CS fan cover.


Future enhancement:

Hard drive mount, case mounted power switch.

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