Master closet overhaul

October 22, 2014 D-Man No comments exist

In my house we have small master closet so hanging space is a premium I wanted to increase space by building closet storage that can utilize space better.

This is how closet looked like originally.  As you see it only had one bar for hanging clothes.


I started by drawing basic outline how the storage solution will look on the piece of paper.

My design is to use plywood for entire construction.


Build Steps:

I started by getting 4 plywood sheets from Home Depot.

4 x Maple Plywood 3/4 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft

I had them rip them in to 14 inch strips long ways at the store so I can get them home easier.

Step one I built plywood box that has overhang at bottom to allow top and bottom bar to be installed.  Which will double hanging space compared to what I had before.


Next part was to stain the plywood and attach the rails.   For the front I used 1 x 2 inch pine strips.  Which I stained same as the plywood.

I used Closet Oval Rod 8ft Oil Rubbed Bronze from Custom Service Hardware


On the next wall I used same 14 inch plywood strips and built middle section to have 3 shelf’s and 4 drawers.

I got excited when building this that I forgot to take pictures during build.


Finally I added fronts to the drawers and used 1 x 2 inch pine strips + plywood and router to make it more decorative.  Again for drawer slides I turned to  Custom Service Hardware.




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